B i o g r a p h y

“La vérité est dans l’imaginaire.”
[Eugène Ionesco]
Images are my thinking and my speaking. A research which meanders across illustration and photography, with the purpose of finding, in both one and the other, their own peculiar language. While illustration is pure creation, photography is transfiguration, and brings out deep implications which fall outside of what is real, leading to the unconscious. My interest is in what cannot be seen: the inner images, the relationship between the individual and what surrounds him.
And I love the possibilities a blank sheet can unveil, a thought which takes shape and becomes matter, rough paper under my fingers. Sensual pleasure: for the eye, of a gesture, for the message it derives, for the feeling it excites.

I’m based in Milano. I hold a diploma from Art High School, a degree from the Istituto Europeo di Design and a 30-year experience in the field of visual communication.
I design editorial projects: as Art Director at the cultural illustrated magazine il Maradagàl, since its foundation and for the following two years, I designed the covers, all the graphics and cured the visual arts section.
I cured for three years the images and the communication for the literary magazine Achab.
I work freelance for magazines as an illustrator and a photographer.
I design publishing projects and illustrations for children’s books, and I am the author of many publications for well-known publishing companies based in Italy, Europe and United States.
I work as a photographer: portrait, stage and backstage, reportage, artistic research.
I work freelance for advertising agencies as an illustrator, a visualizer, a graphic designer.
I provide services of communication, personal branding and social media management.


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